BCS aspirants to face 2 tests a day

Applicants of the 33rd Bangladesh Service Commission Examination will have to take two three-hour tests a day with a break of only an hour.
Public Service Commission’s Secretary Babul Hasan said, “Two tests will be taken the same day. It should not be a problem for the students. The routine announced will not be changed.”
Hasan said the memorandum submitted to them for altering the schedule had mostly fake signatures.
The Commission announced the schedule for the tests on Nov 15, prompting applicants to stage demonstration and form human chains demanding cancellation of the schedule. They also submitted a memorandum to the PSC Chairman and the Education Minister.
The new schedule was announced after the previous one was cancelled in the wake of allegations of questions paper leak.
According to the new schedule, applicants are required to sit for two written tests each on Dec 18, 19, 20 and 23.
In the cancelled routine, a single test was scheduled for a day.
The three-hour examinations will start from 10am and 2pm on each given day.
As many as 28,917 aspirants are expected to appear at the tests.

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