Don’t report Skype chat, ICT asks media
The International Crimes Tribunal-II on Thursday barred the media from publishing or broadcasting anything related to reported conversation between former Chairman of the first tribunal and a Brussels-based legal expert.
The order came at the first sitting of the reconstituted International Crimes Tribunal-II when former member Justice Obaidul Hassan presided as Chairman with newly inducted Judge Mozibur Rahman Miah and Judge Shahinur Islam on his flanks.
As Prosecutor Rana Dasgupta drew attention to the matter, the tribunal indicated that Amar Desh’s publication of the entire transcript of the alleged Skype conversation that former International Crimes Tribunal-1 Chairman Justice Mohammad Nizamul Huq apparently had with Ahmed Ziauddin, was unwarranted.
The tribunal said in its order that the publishing transcripts of a judge’s private conversation, especially one with an old acquaintance, that too after Justice Huq had stepped down, was to malign the institution.
Justice Hassan’s order directed all “daily newspapers published in Bangladesh including the Amar Desh and Sangram, online newspapers and electronic media” to refrain from publishing any writing or transcript relating to alleged conversation and email communication that is said to have taken place between Justice Huq and Ziauddin.
The daily Amar Desh is a BNP-leaning daily, headed by a former energy advisor of the 2001-06 BNP government while Sangram is the official mouthpiece of Jamaat-e-Islami.
While the main opposition, BNP, has one former minister and a current policymaker facing war crimes trial, Jamaat, a key ally of BNP, has six of its top leaders including its current chief and former chief behind bars and facing war crimes charges.

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