Govt agenda in protests: Fakhrul

The lead opposition BNP has claimed the government is trying to create a state of anarchy in Bangladesh to promote its agenda.

He was speaking at a discussion in the National Press Club held in commemoration of former Chairman of a faction of the Islami Oikya Jote Mufti Fazlul Haque Amini.

Amini died due to heart ailment last Dec.

”I felt the nation is being pushed towards an abyss of uncertainty after I heard the kind of statements that were being made in Shahbagh and Mirpur. The government is trying to draw the curtain on its corruption, loot, and its failure in handling the Padma bridge project and the share market.”

Fakhrul addressed the youths of Shahbagh saying, “The nation has to be built on songs of love, not hatred.”

”The country cannot progress with these slogans of ‘hanging’ and ‘slaughter’. You have to realise this,” he insisted.

The Shahbagh uprising took off on Feb 5 to protest the ‘light’ sentence of lifer given to Jamaat-e-Islami General Secretary and war criminal Abdul Quader Molla. It soon evoked similar protests in various parts of the country.

Monday’s ‘Ganajagaran Mancha’ rally in Mirpur was the second programme held outside ‘Prajanma Chattar’. Another will be organised in the capital’s Motijheel commercial district on Thursday.

Fakhrul claimed Bengali daily Amar Desh’s Acting Editor Mahbubur Rahman was being attacked for telling the truth.

”His crime was that he published in his newspaper a tribunal chief’s secret Skype conversations and also the derogatory comments being made in blogs against the Prophet Muhammad,” Fakhrul said.

Shahbagh’s ‘Ganajagaran Mancha’ has been demanding arrest of the Amar Desh Acting Editor for allegedly inciting communal passion with his newspaper.

Fakhrul strongly criticised the government for the recent incidents of violence saying, “More than 21 ‘people of faith’ have been shot dead in the past few days. Their only crime was that they protested the derogatory comments being made against the Prophet.”

He claimed that religious belief of the people has been under attack in the country. “Every citizen of the country practises and protects his own faith…the BNP and the 18-Party Alliance have own ideologies. That does not mean Prophet Muhammad, the messiah for 90 percent of Bangladeshi people, should be condemned and spoken ill of.”

Speaking of Amini, Fakhrul said, “He was a great philosopher. The government had kept him in house arrest for 21 months of his life to stop him from supporting democracy and Islam. We condemn them for such acts.”

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