Govt to nationalise primary schools

Jan8: The government has decided to nationalise 26,193 non-government primary schools across Bangladesh.

Primary and Mass Education Minister Afsarul Ameen says Sheikh Hasina will make an announcement to this effect on Wednesday from a rally of the non-government primary school teachers in Dhaka’s National Parade Square.
“It will be an historic event in the history of Bangladesh. A long cherished demand of the teachers will be fulfilled ,” Ameen said.
He said the jobs of 103,192 primary school teachers will also be regularised , though the whole process will be implemented in three phases.
The minister said this will benefit 22,981 Monthly Payment Order (MPO) enlisted registered schools, 388 permanently registered, 361 temporary registered, 720 with teaching permission, 653 non-MPO community schools, 130 NGO schools, 151 schools recommended for teaching permission and 809 schools waiting to get teaching permission.
Acting Secretary of the ministry MM Niaz Uddin said the latest move will dispel the existing differences between the government and the non-government primary schools.
The education minister said 91,024 teachers of 22,981 MPO-enlisted schools will be brought under government pay order from Jan 1 of this year. This move will cost the government an extra Tk 1 billion in the 2012-13 fiscal.
In the second phase, the jobs of 9,025 teachers of 2,252 schools that are permanently or temporary registered, with teaching permissions, community and NGO run will be regularised from July 1 for which another Tk 3.71 billion will be needed in the next fiscal.
He said jobs of 3,796 teachers of 960 schools with recommendation for teaching permission or waiting to get the same will be regularised from Jan 1, 2013. This move will cost the government an additional Tk 6.51 billion in the 2014-15 fiscal.

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