Hefazat calls to resist forces of evil

DHAKA: Shaikhul Islam Shah Ahmad Shafi, ameer of Hefazat-e-Islam Bangladesh on Saturday called upon the devout Muslim to resist the evil force with courage saying that they would be compelled to bow their heads before them.“The evil force couldn’t sustain ever. The history witnesses that they were faced very shameful defeats ultimately,” he said while addressing the mammoth rally at Shapla Chattor in the city following the long march to Dhaka.
Terming the youth the main force of Islam, Ahmad Shafi, who was the chief guest at the post long march grand rally, called upon them to get ready to be martyr by taking part in the field to defuse the flourishing of evil force in the country in the future.
“There is no scope for us to return to home without reaching to the destination of the ongoing movement launched to protect our believe (iman) and the beloved country,” he said.
In his written statement, the leading Islamic scholar said there is no space for atheists and murtads and only those are believers (imander) only have the rights to control the country.
He termed the 13-point movement of Hefazat-e-Islam as non political and reiterated that their movement is neither to remove anyone from power nor to send anyone to power. “But the demands must be implemented to cling to power and accept those also to go to power,” he added.
The demands of Hefazat-e-Islam include restoration of complete confidence and trust in Allah in the constitution, providing punishment for the atheist bloggers who had insulted Islam by enacting blasphemy law providing for death penalty to the atheists and mutards.
Ahmad Shafi warned the government that their movement to protect the believers and the country is non-violent and the consequence of any effort to resist the movement would be severe.
He accused the government of taking a clear stance against Islam after assuming power despite pledging not to do anything against Quran and Sunnah in their election manifesto.
“The government has taken stance against the Muslims by not hearing us,” he added.
Ahmad Shafi regretted that though the government took quick measures for making derogatory remarks against the Prime Minister but visible steps are not there for punishment against those who made defamatory remarks against Allah and Prophet Mohammad (SM).
He alleged that the atheist bloggers of Shahbagh were provoked against Islam under the patronisation of government and as a result they showed audacity to submit memorandum to the Speaker demanding the ban on religion based politics and undermine different directions of Islam.
The Hefazat leader also alleged that conspiracies are being hatched to make the country of idolaters and fire-worshipers through introducing anti-national culture like flame of luck and setting statues in the names of sculpture.
“Conspiracy has also been hatching to eliminate Islam from the country for ever by branding Muslims as fundamentalists and militants if they speak for Islam,” he added.
He also accused the government of taking all out effort to obstruct the peaceful long march by calling hartal by its associate organisations including Gonojagoron Mancha, Sommilito Sangskritik Jote and Sectors Commanders Forum led by the Planning Minister.
Maulana Anas Madani, publicity secretary of the organisation, read out the two-page statement of Ahmad Shafi.
At one stage, while the power load-shading disrupted the reading out of the statement, the audience showed their shoes protesting it.
The rally was concluded by munajat which was conducted by the Hefazat Ameer Ahmad Shafi.
Addressing the rally, Maulana Jonayed Babunagori, secretary general of Hefazat Islam alleged that the government played a double standard role by giving permission to hold rally and obstructing long march participants.
He reiterated that the people would give a befitting reply in the next elections for its double standard role.
The Hefazat leader made it clear that they have neither any relationship nor any enmity with any political party including Jamaat-e-Islami.
He however said that people of many political parties including the ruling Awami League and the opposition BNP remain with their movement individually but not politically.
Maulana Noor Hossain Kashemi, convenor of Dhaka city unit of Hefazat-e-Islam, said they would continue their movement until their demands are met.
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