Kh Mahbub wants Justice Nizamul to quit

Former President of Supreme Court Bar Association Khandaker Mahbub
Hossain on Sunday demanded resignation of Justice Nizamul Huq from
High Court for alleged involvement in Skype conversation scandal.“Justice Nizamul violated his oath through leaking secret information
regarding war crimes trial over Skype conversation,” he said.
The senior lawyer of the Supreme Court made the plea while talking to
journalists at a press conference at SC Bar Association.
He added: “Resignation of Justice Nizamul from International Crimes
Tribunal (ICT)-1 proves that he was involved in the Skype scandal.”
Indicating Justice Nizamul, Mahbub also said the resigned justice have
to face trial who wanted to pronounce verdict through conspiracy
violating his oath.
He also demanded formation of supreme judicial council to investigate
into the Skype scandal and keep Justice Nizamul away of any sorts of
judicial activities.
On December 11, ICT-1 Chairman Justice Nizamul Huq resigned in the
wake of controversy following publication of his Skype conversation
with an expatriate jurist on the tribunal activities.

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