Military won’t sit idle if country is in chaos: Khaleda

BNP chief Begum Khaleda Zia on Sunday expected the military, keeping peace around the world, to play an important role in maintaining ‘peace and order’ back at home.The opposition chief said the military would not sit idle if the country plunged into chaos.
“Our military works for maintaining peace abroad. They will not sit idle in case of any anarchy in the country. They will duly discharge their duties,” the BNP Chairperson told a rally in Bogra.
Bogra was the worst-hit during the latest spell of violence following Sayedee’s conviction in the International Crimes Tribunal on February 28. Clashes on March 3 had left 12 people dead there.
On the day, four people died after police opened fire on agitating Jamaat activists as they attacked local Shajahanpur Police Station.
The opposition claimed a total 170 people were killed in police firing during the series of clash that followed. The BNP complains of genocide by the government to describe the deaths.
Later, troops were deployed for several hours to guard the station.
Referring to that incident, Khaleda, the wife of former military ruler Gen Ziaur Rahman praised the soldiers for their role in ensuring people’s security.
She pointed to Bangladeshi soldiers’ leading role in the UN peace-keeping missions in many troubled regions across the world. “If there is no peace in their own country, the foreigners will say the army cannot ensure peace in their own backyard.”
“Time has come today to think of this,” she said.
Awami League leaders have alleged that Jamaat’s agitation to save the war criminals and BNP’s demonstrations, demanding instalment of a non-partisan caretaker administration to oversee the national elections, aimed at destabilising the country.
Khaleda’s statement came amid the brewing tension between the two top political parties.
Khaleda was travelling to Bogra and Joypurhat to rally support for the opposition demand to restore the caretaker government system.
The government annulled the caretaker government system in 2011 through the 15th Amendment to the Constitution. As a result, the next parliamentary polls are to be held under a party-led government which the opposition say will be unfair. They have been on the streets ever since demanding restoration of the system and threatened to stay away from the elections.
A standoff between the two key political alliances of Bangladesh has led to an ‘impasse’. People from various quarters have been advocating talks between Khaleda and her arch political rival Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to end the deadlock.
The BNP chief dismissed the idea of dialogue during a recent rally in Manikganj where she termed the government ‘a killer’ and had hinted at possible tougher agitations to oust the government.
On Sunday morning, she addressed a rally at Matidali Biman Crossing in Bogra on the way to Joypurhat. She talked abot military’s role there. Later she left for a rally at Panchbibi of Joypurhat to mourn the deaths of three persons killed there in clashes with the law enforcers.
(Source: Agencies)

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