Plan big, change world: Dr. Yunus

The father of ‘Micro-credit”, also Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus said it is not the money, it is plan and thinking of doing something big can effect positively and change the world.Dr Yunus made the statement while addressing the students at historic Gaston Hall of George Town University in Washington DC Wednesday soon after receiving Congressional Gold Medal, top civilian award of United States of America, for his contribution to the fight against poverty across the globe.
In his speech, Dr Yunus told the students history of Grameen Bank and few stories about how poor women become solvent getting micro credit.
There were few students in the Gaston Hall who worked with Yunus at the beginning of Grameen Bank. Indicating them, he said, “They asked me how these poor women would pay the loan, I asked them not to pay heed to the words of others.”
Dr Yunus said, “I told them, our work is to make these women fear free, gradually they would and others will also come forward witnessing betterment of loanees.”
The Nobel Laureate also added, “Some 97 percent loanees of Grameen Bank are now women.”
Earlier on August 9, 2009, president Barak Obama handed over Presidential Medal of Freedom to Dr Yunus at White House.

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