Purchasing laptop for MPs uncertain!

The decision of purchasing laptop computers for the Members of Parliament before the next winter session has become uncertain as the laptop supplying organization is not finalized.

Parliament Secretariat sources said a decision was taken to buy laptop computers for the lawmakers involving Tk 2.28 crore and the project began in September, 2012.

Sources also said it was decided to purchase the laptop before the winter session of the parliament and the finance ministry was asked to sanction money.

The three supplying organizations were finalized primarily but it was not mentioned the configuration of the computers in the demand letter, sources added.

Senior System Analyst of Parliament Secretariat Khan M Ilias Ali told banglanews: “It is being delayed to finalize the supplying organization. The laptop will be purchased after finalizing the supplying organization,” he said.

The laptops would be purchased to bring dynamism in parliament activities by enhancing connectivity and intranet application between MPs, concerning sources said.

The Parliament Secretariat will implement the task under the ‘Connectivity and Intranet Application Generation at Jatiya Sangsad Project’.

Under the project, dedicated web pages and email accounts will be generated for the MPs, the Parliament Secretariat sources said.

By this web page, public can communicate with the MPs through internet. Banglanews24.com

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