Tagore letter found inside book


A letter written by Rabindranath Tagore has been found surprisingly inside a book, an Indian businessman has claimed, according to a media report.

The hand-written letter by the Nobel laureate addresses no one and now hangs within a booklovers’ alcove, Blossom, on Church Street of Bangalore, Times of India said on Monday.

The letter was written on a Tagore-founded Visva-Bharati University letterhead and dated Dec 17, 1931, it said.

“In 1931, for Tagore’s 70th birthday, great minds like Albert Einstein and others wrote about Tagore, which was compiled and published in ‘Golden Book’,” it said quoting Mayi Gowda, owner of Blossom Book House.

Only 1,500 copies of the Golden Book were published, and Gowda is among the lucky few to get a copy.

“Honestly, neither the bookstore nor I knew about the letter inside. After buying the book I found it hidden inside,” Gowda, who has authenticated the letter, told the Times of India.

It narrates Tagore’s deep appreciation for something he received or was bestowed with, the Indian newspaper said.

Begun with the lines “… It is hard for me to say in a few faltering words how I feel when voices greet me from my own country and across the seas….” the letter ends saying, “…. the best reward of my life”.

The Visva-Bharati University has not yet contacted Gowda about the letter.

Tagore followers have approached him with offers to buy the letter but he seemed firm to keep it with him. “I won’t sell it,” he said.

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