US policy regarding death penalty ‘remains unchanged’

The US policy on the ongoing trial of war criminals and government plan to put the responsible people to death has remained unchanged, spokesperson of the US Department of State Victoria Nuland said.

“There’s certainly no change in US policy. You know how much we’ve been working on this with both sides,” Victoria Nuland said while responding to a question on Bangladesh at a daily press briefing in Washington.

The question was: “As far as Jamaat-e-Islamists are protesting against the current government of Sheikh Hasina, and what they are saying is that 1971 massacres there, the government should not put to death those who were involved in killing close to 3 million Bengalis and also the families of the current Prime Minister. Now, is there any change in the U.S. policy as far as what Sheikh Hasina government is saying, that those who were responsible in 1971 should face justice and should be put to death?”  UNB

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