Who will bell the cat for dialogue?

Ruling Awami League Joint General Secretary Mahbubul Alam Hanif on Thursday said his party would not hold talks with conspirators who are conspiring to oust the government.“The Awami League believes in dialogue. Join parliament and place your specific proposal before the parliament if you have any specific one over the next general election,” he said indicating opposition BNP.
The spokesperson for the party came up with the assertion while addressing a rally in protest against hartal organized by Dhaka City Juba League at Farmgate.
He added: “Khaleda has conspired a lot to oust the government. The people of the country want to know what plot she is making now against the government.”
Regarding the High Court rule on two top leaders of AL and BNP, he said, “It is the matter of two leaders. We will not any comment in this regard.”
With Dhaka City Juba League (North) President Mainul Hossain in the chair, the rally was also addressed, among others, by Organizing Secretary Abu Sayeed Al Mahmud Swapon and Juba League General Secretary Harun-or-Rashid.
Meanwhile, Finance Minister AMA Muhith on Thursday said the government wants to make it clear to the opposition men that the hartal would be prevented at any cost.
“We want to tell those who are working to destroy country’s economy that the businessmen as well as common people have decided to lend their all out support to prevent the hartal,” he said.
The finance minister came up with the forewarning while addressing a seminar on ‘necessity of reconstructing the structure of duty in industrial development’ at a city hotel.
The ruling Awami League lawmaker also said, “The government will also prevent the hartal economically.”
Mentioning that the economical development of the country is being hindered for various subversive activities, he said, “Despite of those misdeeds, the economy of the country has moved forward in the last nine months.”
He added: “Domestic production is being disturbed due to hartal. So, we will prevent it by any means.”
Earlier on Monday BNP Standing Committee Member Barrister Moudud Ahmed said his party would consider talks if Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina proposes to BNP by issuing a letter.
“If Prime Minister Sheikh Hasinan sends proposal by issuing a letter for talks, the BNP will consider it, otherwise not,” he said.
The BNP lawmaker came up with the assertion while addressing in a human chain in front of the National Press Club.
The Doctor’s Association of Bangladesh (DAB) organised the human chain demo demanding release of its Secretary General and Adviser to Khaleda Zia Dr AZM Zahid.
Moudud also urged the government not to lock in clash and make a consensus among the political parties.
The former maw minister also threatened that if the government creates an untoward situation in the country, they would be liable for that.
Criticising recent police attack on BNP office, Moudud said he never saw such behaviour in his 60 years as a politician.

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