Hugging sent into isolation

News Desk
Bangladesh’s Foreign Friend, Sir Frank Peters has imposed isolation restrictions upon his award-winning philosophical quotation, “A Hug is the Greatest and most Inexpensive gift of all. It’s a pleasure to give… it’s priceless to receive… and one size fits all”.

“In these Coronavirus Covid-19 times, hugging, however beneficial it may be in normal times, is not advised for now,” he said. “So aligning with the good advice from Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Bangladesh health authorities I’m recommending temporary quarantine restrictions upon its use.
He emphasized the restraints should not apply within the family home. “Parents should hug their children and all the elders in their household, as well as each other as often as possible to show that they are loved and that they matter,” he said.
“Today is never too soon… tomorrow may be too late,” he philosophized.
“Today is never too soon to tell them that you love them because none of us knows when we are going to die, and there’s no benefit in it for them when they are dead.
“It’s somewhat hypocritical when elderly loved ones die and then their offspring outpour their love for them. Those people would have benefited more if they had been given regular hugs in life with a warm soft whisper or two of ‘I love you’ during their living days,” he said.
He said when Coronavirus Covid-19 is disarmed and conquered, hugging will be restored to its former glory and rightful place for the greater benefit of society.
“It would be shameful if all those lovely heart-warming heaven-inspired pictures we see of adults and young boys hugging after mosque services around Eid, were no more,” he said.