Aromatic rice Cultivation getting popular in Narsingdi

After achieving self-sufficiency in food grains,  farmers of Narsingdi district are now inspire to cultivate more aromatic rice Banglamoti due to   economic prospect of the crop Banglamoti rice is famous for special flavor and fineness. It is mostly use in preparing Palao, Birani, Payesh, Khichuri and Zarda.Cultivation of Banglamoti rice have started in different upazilas of the district specially Monohardi, Belabo and Raipura upazila during the last three years A number of  farmers of  the upazilas for their family need has been started cultivating Banglamoti , the aromatic fine rice
Once farmers of the district were cultivated aromatic rice Kalijira for long years, but due to low production of the paddy, farmers have lost their interest to cultivate aromatic rice Kalijira. But in the recent years farmers again cultivating the new aromatic rice Banglamoti as the production of Banglamoti is satisfactory and the rice has great demand in the local markets .This variety aromatic rice are now exporting in abroad specially European countries. Each kilogram rice is being sold at Tk 90 to 100 in the local markets.
Deputy Director Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE)Narsingdi Muksed Ali  said, seeing the interest of the  farmers the DAE has set up 10  demonstration plots of Banglamoti in different upazilas of the district before last  two Aman season and its whole production was kept for the purpose of seed. He said in the last Aman season farmers were cultivated over 300 hectares land in the district.
Farmers Abdul Ali of Monohardi upazila, Rashid miah of Belabo upazila and Jalal uddin of Raipura upazila said that they have cultivated Banglamoti the aromatic fine rice by their own initiatives and got good yield of paddy The farmers opined that if the DAE taken plan to cultivate more Banglamoti, the aromatic fine rice in the country, then after local demand the country could earn huge foreign exchange every year by exporting Bangmoti rice.
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