Art on 21st February in Moheshkhali’s Rakhine community

Site specific installation in Bakkhali River at Moheshkhali on the occasion of 21st February, International Mother Language Day by Artist and Professor Biswajit Goswami in association with Brihatta Art Foundation. ‘Maa-Maati-Manush-Swadesh-Bhasha-Prokkriti (Mother-Earth-People-Homeland-Language-Nature)’ is a site-specific project in association with Brihatta Art Foundation. Bishwajit Goswami envisions to tell an artistic story rooted in this unique environment, creating a new atmosphere of cultural and linguistic exchange. Strengthened by Brihatta’s collective spirit, let’s combine the beauty of nature and the human heart and weave new stories. Beside this site specific project, some other interactive projects are also going on in space.
People bloom amidst the natural landscape of their homeland, imbuing their lives with its various hues and shades. The culture and language of the land form their very identities. The motherland embraces her children in collective unity overcoming differences, cultivating each unique expression of beauty. Bangladesh is a land filled with people that reflect its diverse geography, from the mountainous hill tracts to the flowing river valleys, to the sandy beaches. Our land is a true reflection of the unique people who call it their home.
Brihatta Art Foundation hopes to connect the diverse voices of Bangladesh in harmony, linking people and communities. This collective initiative to exchange cultural discipline, identity and language through the universality of the motherland and nature will birth a new enduring story.
The roar of the sea lulled by surrounding hills and the flowing rivers create a unique atmosphere in Moheshkhali, the only island in Bangladesh combining all these natural elements. Located in the southern tip of Bangladesh, Moheshkhali is home to the ethnic Rakhine community. Unchanged by the passage of time, this community retains their culture and language, living in harmony with nature. The people of Moheshkhali are strong believers of Buddhism. Their unique cultural ethnicity is rooted in their religious beliefs and in their link with their natural environment.
The preparation session already started in Moheshkhali from 17 February 2021. The main installation work will be landed on 21st February, 12 am at the Bank of Bakkhali River. People of Rakhine community and team Brihatta, along with Professor and Artist Bishwajit Goswami are now on the spot. This site specific installation work also will be published on the Facebook page of ‘Brihatta Art Foundation’.
We will be very thankful to you if it could publish this news on your reputed media and assign a reporter to cover the event on 12 am, 21st February 2021. – Press Release:
Zannatun Nahar Nijhum, Coordinator, Brihatta Art Foundation