Atiur reminds bank chief executives of irregularities

Bangladesh Bank Governor Dr Atiur Rahman on Thursday warned the chief executives of all the operating banks about irregularities, and said the relevant banks must say first why the irregularities are taking place despite repeated warnings.“Some banks are giving loans exceeding limits. You (chief executives) have to answer why these irregularities are taking place despite repeated warnings,” he told a bankers’ conference at BB conference room.
Atiur said each bank will have to abide by the central bank-issued ‘prudential regulations’ to maintain discipline in the banking sector, reduce risks and ensure overall stability in the financial sector.
“If the regulations are not followed, the central bank won’t hesitate to expand its strong regulatory hands. I think you’re already feeling the pressure,” Atiur said.
The chief executives of public and private commercial banks, including foreign and recently launched banks, were present at the conference held with the central bank governor in the chair.
Atiur laid emphasis on banking sector’s stability, corporate good governance, internal control, risk management and asked the banks to remain active in this regard.
He also highlighted the progress made in the banking sector and said the country’s foreign exchange reserve exceeded US$ 15 billion. “It’s a milestone in the country’s banking sector history.” (Source: UNB)

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