Bagerhat sadar hospital limps for want of doctors, drugs

Patients are being deprived of health care facilities as the 100-bed Bagerhat Sadar Hospital is beset with various problems including shortage of doctors and nurses, accommodation problem and inadequate supply of medicine.Eleven of the 22 posts of doctors at the hospital have been lying vacant for long, hospital sources said.
“We are running the 100-bed hospital with the facilities of a 50-bed one,” said Civil Surgeon Dr Md Bakir Hossain.
Although a project has been taken to upgrade the 100-bed hospital into a 250-bed one but the people of the district are not hopeful about the improvement in facilities.
The work for upgrading the hospital was inaugurated on Wednesday. The work involving Tk 23.66 crore is likely to be finished by 30 months.
The hospital was upgraded to a 100-bed one from 50-bed in 1992 but it has seen hardly any improvement in facilities for over 15 lakh people in the district.
Eleven posts of doctors including the posts of general surgeon, cardiologist, radiologist, pathologist, medical officer and dental surgeon have been lying vacant for long. Some posts of 4th class employees have also being lying vacant.
Accommodation problem forces a good number of patients to stay on the floor or leave the hospital before completion of treatment.
Civil Surgeon Dr Bakir Hossain said the work to upgrade the hospital into a 250-bed one has been started to reach the treatment facilities to the doorstep of the people and it will possible to provide all kinds of treatment facilities on completion of the work.

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