Banana farming profitable again in Jhalakathi

Farmers in Jhalakahiti are managing to turn Sidr-battered banana
cultivation in the district into a profitable activity once again.
After recovering from losses caused by the cyclonic storm, the farmers
are now opting to cultivate the cost-effective fruit.
The farmers are making profit by cultivating different varieties of
banana like Sobri, Sagar and Kabli since their price is high in the
But the great risks to its farming come from excessive rain and storm.
In Jhalakathi, banana is being cultivated on about 1,000 hectares of
land this year, which is double than that of the previous year.
Although banana is cultivated throughout the year, it is harvested
mostly in the Bangla month of Joistha.
The amount spent during the time of cultivation of banana could be
recovered in six months by selling banana saplings.
From one banana tree, at least six to eight saplings come out. One
hundred saplings can be sold at Tk 3,000.
Besides, one bunch of banana can be sold at Tk400 to Tk800. Banana is
produced in almost all the four upazilas of Jhalakathi district.
The highest production of banana is in Kathalia upazila. But farmers
cultivate some other crops alongside banana and earn extra profit.
Presently, farmers create beds in rice fields and cultivate banana
there since the price of rice is less. Saifur Rahman, a village doctor
in Sadar upazila, said he planted 285 banana saplings on his 38
decimal land. It cost him Tk40,000.
He hopes that his investment of Tk40,000 would be recovered by selling
Dab (saplings) and he will earn neat income of about Tk1.5 lakh by
selling banana.
His father Hakim Howlader cultivated banana on 60 decimals of land
planting 575 saplings.
He expects that he would earn Tk2.5 lakh by selling banana and Tk
30,000 by selling saplings.

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