BD in highest bribery threat risk in South Asia: Report

Dhaka, Nov 14 (UNB)- Bangladesh has been enlisted as the highest bribery threat risk bearing country in South-Asia by Trace, a globally recognised anti-bribery business association based in the United States.

But when it comes to global context, the country is ranked 178th in the upward slope with a risk score of 72.

In South-Asia, Bhutan is leading the less risk bearing countries with a risk score of 41. It was placed on 52nd position among less bribery threat risk bearing countries in global context.

Apart from these, India attained bribery threat risk score 48 while the score of Pakistan was 62. Besides, the Maldives attained a risk score of 57 while Nepal 56, Sri Lanka 55 and Afghanistan- 66.

About determining the score, Trace said this is a composite of the four domain scores. These domains are business interactions with government, anti-bribery deterrence and enforcement, government and civil service transparency and capacity for civil society oversight.

Each country is given a score from 1 to 100 for each domain and for the total bribery risk. A higher score indicates a higher risk of business bribery, it added.

However, Somalia, South Sudan and North Korea respectively attained highest bribery threat risk scores in the world while New Zealand, Norway and Denmark respectively were enlisted as lowest threat risk bearing countries.