BFF takes proactive approach for women’s football

DHAKA – The Bangladesh Football (BFF) has taken a proactive approach to continue for the development of women’s football in Bangladesh, according to an article received from Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) today afternoon.

Amidst the concerning COVID-19 pandemic, which saw all the female national team players returned back to their home from BFF’s women’s academy. The BFF has organised a ‘Make It Count” home technical and physical programme for all players.

Under the supervision of Golam Robanni Choton and Mahbubur Rahman Litu, Sainu Pro Marma and Mahmuda Akter all the players have been organised into specific age group bands with an individual programe for all the categories. In addition, sleep and nutrition trends have been closely monitored. The players have also been encouraged to share their feelings, emotions, and thoughts with member and staffs of daily basis.

BFF women’s committee’s a chairman Mahfuza Akter Kiron, who is also member of council member of AFC and FIFA, conveyed that: “Our female players must continue with their fitness and stay active and healthy at home under these unprecedented times.

We hope to continue to our development program for our female players with a protective approach and continious support for all of them. We hope to get our female age groups back on the field as soon as possible.”BSS