BGMEA asks: Remove cell towers from factory roofs

The Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) warned to stop providing services to the garments owners if they do not remove the mobile towers from the top of the factory buildings by June.Sources said BGMEA has adopted the decision as the generators at the top of the factory buildings cause tremors which is threatening to the safety of the building.
Vice-president of BGMEA M Shahidullah Azim told banglanews, “We notified all the factories on June 1 to remove the mobile towers and generators and indifference to the notice will not be tolerated.”
Factories would not be able to import or export commodities without the permission from BGMEA, he added.
Sources concerned said mobile companies signed treaties with the owners for a specific period. Now, if the owners ask them to remove the towers, they may take legal actions.
BGMEA vice-president said, “Mobile companies should understand the risk-factor. In the case of legal actions, owners and mobile companies should come to terms in a friendly manner.”
There are around 400 buildings within and outside of Dhaka which have mobile towers at the top. (Source:

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