BNP infected with ‘corona’: Zafrullah

Dhaka, Sept 02 – Criticising BNP for what he said its inaction against the government’s ‘misdeeds’, Gonoshasthaya Kendra founder Dr Zafrullah Chowdhury on Friday said the party itself has got infected with ‘coronavirus’.

“Now BNP has also got infected with corona and become too weak to take to the streets. Their spines are broken. This party is now in so fragile condition that their boundary is limited to the (Jatiya) Press Club front road to form a human chain with of 50 people,” he said.
Zafrullah came up with the remarks while speaking at a human-chain programme in front of the Jatiya Press Club arranged by ‘Gonotantra Forum’ protesting the violence against women and children.
He said BNP can take to the streets with at least 100 people at every ward of the Dhaka city with public issues if it wants.
Zafrullah warned that BNP will have to face a more difficult time in the days to come if the party and leaders and activists do not become active and raise their voice in favour of public issues.
He suggested BNP hold its national council to revive the party through an overhauling. “People still love Khaleda Zia. She should hold the council meeting within the time she remains out of jail.”
On September 15, the government has extended BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia’s conditional release from jail in two corruption cases by another six months.
As per the conditions, Khaleda Zia will not be allowed to go abroad for treatment as she will have to stay home and receive treatment there. She was released earlier on the same conditions.
Zafrullah said the government should allow Khaleda to receive treatment at a hospital of her choice both at home and abroad since it extended her release from jail.
He called upon people to take to the streets to warn the government against its ‘misdeeds and corruption’. “I would like to tell the government enough is enough. You’ve committed enough misdeeds and you please stop now. The country cannot run in this way. The nation is in misery in every sector. We must take to the streets to get rid of the current condition.”
Zafrullah, a freedom fighter, said the country’s women are not safe outside their homes as the incidents of rape by ‘Chhatra League men’ increased alarmingly.
He said the Chhatra League men could not have indulged in the ‘grand festival of rape and mass-rape’ had there been good governance in the country.