Bumper 0kra production in Bogra

Production of Okra is getting popularity in Dupchanchia upazila of
Bogra district as the farmers are being  benefitted greatly from its
sale in the local markets.
The farmers are cultivating the vegetable widely as its demand is
higher than any other vegetables in the district.
Many farmers are seen showing their interest in cultivating the
vegetable for as they reaped benefit in the previous years. Department
of Agriculture officials said “Around 100 hectares of land have been
brought under the cultivation this year in six union of the upazila”
The growers reap profit of about Tk 20,000 to Tk.30,000 from per bigha
of land by cultivating the hybrid variety of the vegetable. While
visiting a field in Balukapara village under Dupchanchia upazila, it
was found that farmers were working in the field and harvesting the
Agriculture officer Tahirul Islam said, “The hybrid variety of the
vegetable has been cultivated instead of the local one this season due
to more production in the shortest period of time.” Farmer Younus Ali
of Kuraher village in Dupchanchia upazila said, “I have cultivated the
vegetable on one bighas of land in the current season.” “I am
expecting Tk 15,000 to Tk 20,000 as profit if the weather condition
remains favourable and the present market rate remains stable,” he
said. Moslim Hossain of Merai village  said, “I have cultivated the
vegetable on my cropland this season to earn Tk 15000-Tk
20000.”Several markets of district are now flooded with the vegetable
and scores of buyers, sellers and moneylenders visit the markets.
(Our Correspondent)

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