Coronavirus: Global death toll reaches 411,144

The global death toll from the highly contagious Covid-19 stood at 411,144 while the number of confirmed cases reached 7,237,093 on Wednesday morning, according to the Centre for System Science and Engineering of the Johns Hopkins University.According to JHU data, Brazil has come up to the second position after US with 739,503 confirmed coronavirus cases as of Wednesday. The South American country counted 38, 406 deaths from the virus till the date.
Among other countries, the US has been the worst-hit with the highest recorded deaths of 111,979 patients and about 1,979, 089,confirmed cases.
In the US, New York state alone counted 30,458 deaths.
The UK has the second-highest death toll at 40,968, followed by Italy with 34,043, France 29,299 and Spain 27,136, according to Johns Hopkins University.
Coronavirus cases were first reported in China in December last year.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared the coronavirus crisis a pandemic on March 11.
Situation in Bangladesh
Bangladesh confirmed its first cases on March 8 and the first death on March 18 but it has been seeing a sharp rise in both new cases and deaths in recent weeks.
The health authorities on Tuesday reported 71,675 coronavirus cases and 975 deaths in the country.
Among the total confirmed cases, 15,336 people have so far recovered.
Altogether 3,117 new coronavirus cases were recorded in the last 24 hours after testing 14,664 samples at 55 laboratories across the country as of Tuesday.
To curb the spread of the virus, Bangladesh announced a general holiday from March 26 to May 30 but public transports, government and private offices were opened on a limited scale eventually from May 31.
Red, Yellow and Green Zone
To curb further infections, the government has decided to divide the country in red, yellow and green zones according to the number of infections.
East Rajabazar in the capital has gone under experimental lockdown from Tuesday midnight as the number of cases rose in this area and it was identified as ‘Red Zone.’
Earlier on Saturday, State Minister for Public Administration Farhad Hossain said the government is planning to designate areas according to coloured zones to stem the spread of coronavirus.
Different parameters have been set to separate the three and avoid arbitrary zoning.
Areas with 30 infections per 100,000 of population will be marked as ‘red zone’, he said.
Outside the capital, areas with ten confirmed cases per 100,000 people will be categorised as Red Zone, he said.
Areas that have three to 19 cases per 100,000 of population will be categorised as ‘yellow zones’, he said, adding that areas with even fewer cases will be ‘green zones’,reports UNB.