Coronavirus most destructive in 100 years, DU Alumni of USA

New York, May 3 – The Dhaka University Alumni Association of USA Inc. (DUAA) at a virtual conference on Saturday, May 2, discussed the coronavirus situation faced by its members in North America (USA and Canada), prayed for those members who succumbed to the pandemic and for the welfare of others who are facing an unprecedented difficult time because the healthcare system stands overstressed. Mohammad Hossain Khan president, DUAA, noted at the virtual conference that the people of North America never faced such a crisis during the last 100 years and said the coronavirus pandemic is more destructive than the last two world wars taken together.

The virtual conference noted, the DUAA members are scared that many people are suffering from various diseases like, hypertension (blood pressure), asthma, diabetes, cancer that require regular and sometimes urgent medical attention and drugs as the healthcare system is over-stressed.
This crisis has exposed the weakness of the predominantly profit-based privately-run and publicly run healthcare system and the need for a people’s health-care system. ‘We must stand up against the for-profit health system and seek its dismantling in favour of pro-people health-care reform and disseminate the information about the guidelines set by the WHO/CDC, and social benefits declared by the state and the federal government,’ the president of DUAA said.

A message sent by DUAA president Mohammad Hossain Khan says, Alumni from different states of USA and Canada joined the virtual conference which was addressed by John C. Liu, Senator NY State for the 11th District in Northeast Queens; Dr. CM Hasan, MD FACC, FSCAI, Board Certified Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Diseases and Interventional Cardiology; Dr. Tasmina Sheikh, well-known Psychiatrist in the community of Palm Beach, Florida; Dr. Ibrul Chowdhury, MD, PhD. Senior Consultant Ameri Health Caritas, Asst. Professor, Internal Medicine, Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA, among others.
The conference thanked all health professionals – doctors, nurses; Police and all other security forces, other essential service providers for their extraordinary contributions. ‘They are our front-line soldiers in the fight against this deadly disease ignoring the risk of their own lives. We also recognize the sacrifices of their families. May Allah reward them profusely.’