Food Japan brings local Japanese businesses to ASEAN tables

Singapore – Media OutReach – October 29, 2019 – OJ Events (“Food Japan Executive Committee”) announces the arrival of Food Japan 2019. Happening at Singapore’s Suntec Convention Centre from October 31st to November 2nd, the largest ASEAN trade event dedicated to the Japanese food and beverage export industry will feature over 200 exhibitors across 40 Japanese prefectures during the 3 days. This year, over 200 new-to-market and new-to-Singapore products will be unveiled. F&B industry professionals will learn the latest industry developments and trends in Japanese F&B, as well as connecting directly with Japanese suppliers and providers for the freshest and highest quality in ingredients, materials, equipment, and services.
Food Japan 2019 also allows visitors to sample new-to-market Japanese brands across the show floor. Trade show registration and scheduled programming details are appended at the end of the release.
Food Japan 2019’s Exclusives
Quality and region-exclusivity remain the hallmarks of Food Japan. What makes this year stand out from the rest is that Food Japan 2019 will feature a slew of region-exclusive railway-snack offerings from the likes of East Japan Railway Company., to Fukui Prefecture’s Sui Co Ltd., home to Japan’s best quality rice-producing region. Products from these brands will feature food made through relationships cultivated with local businesses. Likewise, for the first time, the famed Kagoshima Fish Market will make its rare public appearance, with a live instructional for culinary professionals.
Japanese wines make a return in 2019. The likes of Nagano and Yamanashi prefectures, known for their grapes and famed as fruit producers will be showcasing their wines. Other wines from prefectures, such as Nagano, Niigata, Osaka, Tochigi and Yamagata will be making its appearance.
Understanding the Art of Japanese Sake
Food Japan 2019 intends to educate as well. In a comprehensive 90-minute workshop for F&B industry professional, 2018’s SSA Master Sake Sommelier, Sean Ou, will share with audience-participants on the different varieties of Sake, and how its taste profile can enhance food pairing choices and dining experiences.
Participants will have a taste of 4 varieties of sake, understanding their different grades, characteristics, and how to best pair them with food.
Desserts & Sake: The How-To Masterclass
Singapore’s Patisserie G Chef-Owner, Gwen Lim too will grace the trade show with her insights for food-and-beverage professionals. She will be demonstrating the versatility of Sake, through 4 delicious dessert pairings. F&B professionals stand to benefit from Gwen’s suggestions, and how to incorporate Sake as part of a regular dessert menu offering for ASEAN consumers.
“We are proud to have over 80% of Japan’s prefectures represented and participating in Food Japan 2019. As ASEAN’s largest trade event, there is really much more to the Japanese food and beverages industry than one might initially expect. As investments into Southeast Asia continues to be a key driver for international growth, we want to bridge businesses as they tap into the region’s potential, as well as cater to ASEAN’s consumers as their taste and preferences expand,” said Masanao Nishida, Director of Food Japan 2019.
About Food Japan Executive Committee
Food Japan Executive Committee (of OJ Events Pte Ltd) is helmed by professionals with a strong track record of organising leading industry trade shows. The company serves to support and connect Japanese enterprises to international markets by providing effective sales and marketing platforms for their product and service offerings. Food Japan is the largest annual platform to connect the ASEAN and Japanese F&B industry.