Gene mechanics 46: No black holes?

Dr. M. S. Haq
A black hole is believed to be a region of spacetime. The hole is surrounded by event horizons where gravity is very strong. As a result, all light that hits the horizon is absorbed and is prevented from escaping – meaning, reflecting nothing. Mathematically, in spacetime – space and time are combined into a single interwoven continuum by a model.
The interesting news – as reported by a leading English daily of Bangladesh (today, 26th day of January 2014) – is, Professor Stephen Hawking assumes “black holes do not actually exist – at least not in the way we currently perceive them.” An initial and brief examination of Mr. Hawking’s assumption against the backdrop of Gene mechanics would reveal several things. A few of them have been present here – not in the order of priority and importance but they are relative to time, space, and other variables.I. Let me start with imaginations. According to present day Gene mechanics: imaginations, as apparent to humans though, are facilitated by inter alia gene waves at individual, collective and other levels, whether energized by ATP (adenosine triphosphate) or otherwise as appropriate. The gene waves have inter alia several works and functions to do. For example, they presumably travel through the creations at quantum, big bang and other levels with variable gene speeds, and in the process they come in contact with other things of creations – all, under regimes of limitations of the creations. As a result of say above contacts, a variety of signals are transmitted by gene waves – that are affected by variables of creations and are taken care of by a variety of sensory, motor and other mechanisms of say human systems at individual or collective or other levels in conjunction with, as proper, rest of the creations including products of the law of conservation of mass.
Conversions of above signals into imaginations are managed by for example and as appropriate gene signal converters and gene transducers against the backdrop of say works and functions of human servomechanisms – such as homeostasis. Outcomes from above and other developments contribute to the formation of interfaces of commonality (IOC), non-commonality and other things of Gene mechanics – for building and supporting (or otherwise) blocks of say knowledge, based on imaginations and other things, as appropriate.
One of the purposes of above presentations is to provide a kind of justifications – to Professor Hawking’s black hole assumptions – in the way, that his gene waves have been able to pass through the black hole, triggered imaginations and created for example a new knowledge, challenging the existence of the black hole – all, under Gene mechanics of him and others concerned.
II. According to present day Gene mechanics, Gene mechanics and its products – such as knowledge, understanding and applications – are not immune to grand limitations of the creations. Further, limits of for example human limits are within grand limitations of the creations. Still further, outcomes of civilizations – including inter alia those from cumulative advantages, disadvantages and other things at intra, inter and other generational levels on account of say DNA transfers – could help define inter alia limits of human limits per civilizations – over a variety of time horizons. It implies, among other things, Professor Dr. Hawking’s apparent horizons – that is, the horizons only hold light and information temporarily before releasing them back into space in garbled form – tends to put gravity in a kind of reinvented role, something to deal with efforts towards redefining limits of human limits of present civilizations.
III. According to present day Gene mechanics, balancing operations of the creations take place at a variety of levels and under a variety of cyclic orders of the creations (to mention a few) involving inter alia matrices of dilated and other types of links between and among components of the creations against the backdrop of for example creations’ servomechanisms such as universe renewals in the form of say climate change. One of the methods of Gene mechanics for the formulation of the formula of creations involves linking of missing links (say, above links as appropriate) with each other for establishment of critical paths to critical mass of the formula. It is in that and other contexts, one of the challenges (so far) before Gene mechanics has been : as to how and to what extent, the existence of black holes – with point of no return for say all light entering into them could take part in creations’ balancing operations. The good news is: Mr. Hawking’s apparent horizons has brightened prospects for meeting the challenge through future times.
The last word: Congratulations – Professor Dr. Stephen Hawking! Keep up the good work. Let us explore, exploit and consolidate existential and evolving products of Gene mechanics towards unearthing mysteries of creations in the form of for example the formula of creations – aiming at changes for better hopefully for all inhabitants of the creations. Gene mechanics puts genes in relations to rest of creations and vice versa at the forefront of gene centered civilizations of humans and others – one of my present day proposals for the future – to maximum satisfaction of all concerned therein, hopefully in a sustainable manner. Do not become eventual victims of gravity – one of the limitations identified by Gene mechanics. God bless. (The author is inter alia Proponent of Gene mechanics)