Germany likes to minimise Lockdown step by step

Monowara Begum Moni
Stuttgart (Germany) – After ten hours marathon meeting between German Chancellor Angela Market and federal and state governments, the state has extended the Lockdown until 28 March 2021. It will follow the opening rules step by step. Merkel likes to make people optimistic and at the same time warn them for a Mutation wave. She said: Spring 2021 will be different from the last year’s Spring. If the number of infections is low, even more contacts are allowed. Also Garden centres, book shops can reopen if hygiene requirements are met.
Because the infection levels stagnate at best, wish to extend federal and state governments the lockdown, but also the most stringent requirements of corona loosen partially.
By the end of March 2021, the corona vaccine process can be started in general Practitioners and specialists. It was a planned perspective through opening steps by step.
In Europe, there are many examples of a dramatic third wave – “and this danger also exists for us”, Merkel said. In this delicate phase of the pandemic, she said, it is important to follow the rules “accurately”.
Compared to some other countries Germany is making slow and steady progress in the race of corona pandemic combating.
Austria Chancellor Sebastian Kurz criticized the EUC (European Commission), for taking a long time to approve the corona Vaccine. EU has allowed the member countries to be free to take their individual decisions.
The German Media reports: the EU President Dr. Ursula von der Leyen has failed to take a unique decision to combat the pandemic at the right time. Moreover, the German chancellor, as well as German Health Minister Jens Spahn, have made false strategies.
Till today there is no faster action for the corona pandemic.
Some federal governments are trying to open schools and kindergartens, because they like to win the federal elections in March 2021.
Angela Merkel stressed that it was now a matter of taking the next step slowly. She stressed; it is important to observe the rate of Infection at different places in Germany. If the infection rate is lower, the loosening of lockdown will be faster.
Currently, the number of transmissions in the population in Germany (11,912 new infections and death cases 359 from March 4. 2021) remains high.