Get that million dollar smile

Many women feel that thin lips can make them look unattractive. With the wedding season on, it is time to get a perfect smile with the help of dermal fillers.The wedding season is on us and this is the time when we are busy attending one party after the other. And who doesn’t want to look their best during this time? Women especially aspire to look perfect – what with all the party pictures that one is part of.
Youthfully plump lips that are soft and attractive are something that most women would love to have. And these days non-surgical lip enhancement treatments are extremely common.
These simple ‘lunch-time’ procedures as they are referred to, take less than half-an-hour to complete. Facts like easy availability, less time consuming, fast results, and not too expensive, are what make these procedures so alluring and attractive even to the younger generation.
The advent of the Juverderm dermal filler has helped many women to get their dream smile by effectively defining the lips and reducing nasolabial folds.
Explaining nasolabial folds, cosmetologist Dr Jamuna Pai says, “With growing age, smile lines, Marionette line and vertical lines become more prominent and make women conscious about their appearance at social gatherings.
If no preventative measures are taken, these folds get deeper and can make a woman look older than her actual age.”
With the help of the dermal fillers a woman can not only look younger but can also get pretty plump lips. Dr SS Trasi, dermatologist says, “Dermal filler like Juvederm that contain Hyaluronic acid, which is a natural component of skin that helps in maintaining the volume of the skin can be used to manage Nasolabial folds.
These fillers when infused in the skin, they get distributed evenly to give a smoother and youthful look.”
One of the most popular non-surgical face treatments is the lip enhancement and women of all ages go in for a ‘perfect smile’. When done by an experienced doctor this treatment can give you that ‘wow’ look.
Dr Pai says, “The short procedure of new-age dermal fillers gives instant results that last up to one year. A remarkable transformation can be observed pre-and post filler usage.” Those who get it done swear by the fast action.
It gives an all new confidence to ladies to enjoy the festivities with a stunning smile that makes a noticeable impact on everyone around.
It is said that a smile can win over hundred hearts at one go. So this wedding season, flash a pretty new smile and become the talk of the town.
(Source: Times of India)

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