Global Covid-19 deaths surge to 524,614; infected cases 11mn

The number of deaths, caused by coronavirus across the world, reached 524,614 as of Saturday morning. Besides, the total confirmed global cases climbed to 11,047,217 while the number of those who have recovered from the disease crossed 5.7 million during the period, according to data provided by John Hopkins University (JHU).
The worst-hit US has recorded 2,793,435 Covid-19 cases with 129,432 deaths.
Besides, Brazil, the second-worst country in the world behind the US, has registered over 1.5 million cases. The number of coronavirus deaths stands there at 61,884.
Meanwhile, Russia has occupied the third position with 666,941 confirmed cases followed by India (625,544), Peru (295,599), Chile (288,089), and the United Kingdom ( 285,787).
In terms of deaths, the UK is in the third position (44,216), followed by Italy (34,833), France (29, 896), Mexico (29,843), Spain (28,385) and India (18,213).
Coronavirus cases were first reported in China in December last year.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared the coronavirus crisis a pandemic on March 11.
Bangladesh’s weekly ranking
Bangladesh on Friday ranked 8th in a weekly count of increase in new coronavirus cases, according to WHO.
The country ranked 8th with 26,598 new Covid-19 cases in the last seven days, WHO Dashboard showed in its pandemic analysis made based on country, territory and areas.
Meanwhile, Bangladesh ranked 9th according to WHO daily Covid-19 new infection reports among the countries.
The US has come up to the first position again as 304,156 new cases were reported in seven days, while Brazil ranked the 2nd with 260,122 new cases in a week.
India ranked third with 131,536 new cases, while South Africa fourth with 47,537 new cases and Russian Federation fifth with 47,171 new cases in a week.
WHO website shows Chile on the sixth position with 25,477 new cases in one week while Saudi Arabia seventh with 26,958 new coronavirus cases in seven days.
Corona Situation in Bangladesh
Bangladesh on Friday reported 3,114 new coronavirus cases and 42 deaths in the last 24 hours till Friday morning.
Country’s health authorities have so far reported 156,391 coronavirus cases and 1,968 deaths.
Bangladesh reported its first confirmed cases on March 8 and the first death on March 18 but it has been seeing a sharp rise in both new cases and deaths in recent weeks. – UNB