Huawei pilots 5G unmanned vehicle at Thai smart hospital

Huawei, together with Thailand National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Communication (NBTC) and Siriraj Hospital, has initiated ‘Unmanned Vehicle Pilot Project Driving Thai Healthcare to 5G Era’ to pioneer the use of the unmanned vehicle for the first time at smart hospital in the ASEAN country.

The self-driving delivery vehicle takes advantage of 5G technology from Huawei to bring about contactless delivery solution of medical supplies, which will elevate the medical system to 5G era by applying world-class technology and innovation to drive medical services and the healthcare industry, according to a press release.

Such technology can replace manpower in logistics services as it can operate in complex environments. The autonomous car offers safe, convenient and cost-effective solutions while reducing workload for healthcare workers and improving patient safety.

The 5G technology integration will then be progressively applied in the national health system for Smart Hospital transformation in the near future.

Abel Deng, chief executive officer of Huawei Thailand, said Huawei is honoured and delighted to continuously take part in assisting Thai medical staff.

“The pilot project of the driverless vehicle for Siriraj Hospital will operate under Huawei’s 5G technology to help transport medical supplies within the hospital. This pilot project exemplifies the accelerated digitalisation of Thailand’s medical services as 5G will play a key role in the next generation of healthcare,” he added.

source: UNB