I am in love: Faria

Entertainment Desk
People tend to be curious about celebrities always. Rather than their career, people mostly want to know about the personal life, especially love life of their favorite actors or actresses.Media industry also pays a close attention to the personal life of any celebrities and every once in a while they try to find out with whom the actors and actresses are dating. The Valentine’s Day plays a crucial role in that where media often asks about the celebrities’ beau and some of them do come forward with their love life.
Such incident happened with Nusrat Faria, one of the busiest stars of Dhallywood nowadays, as well. For nearly one year she kept it a secret and now, finally she has come forward and admitted that she is having an affair. While asked, she answered clearly, “Yes I am having an affair. I am in love.”
“I have been very candid always and I do not hide things to make myself a mysterious persona. Yes, I do have a boyfriend, and I’m in a relationship with him,” said the plain-spoken actress. She informed that, she met with her boyfriend a year ago. Then she used to give him time trough Facebook and phone. One day she realized that she is in love.
Although she revealed that she is not available, Nusraat Faria did not want to disclose any further information her beau. However, very soon all will be revealed, hinted the popular actress of both Bengal.
Recently, her film Inspector Notty K starring India’s Jeet has been released in Bangladesh. Inspector Notty K explores the love story of two inspectors. This is the third film of Nusrat Faria with India’s popular actor Jeet. Previously Faria was seen against Jeet in Badsha-The Don and Boss 2 films.