Keira Knightley doesn’t want a big wedding

Jack Ryan actress Keira Knightley isn’t a fan of lavish ceremonies at her wedding with all-star guest lists and instead she will be having a more private and intimate affair when she finally weds her Klaxons fiance James Righton, reports NDTV.She said: “I could have six fake weddings. God, that would be expensive. We’re not really big-wedding types. I don’t need to have all that.”
The striking 27-year-old beauty admits her limited taste in music means she has little in common with James – who she has been dating since February 2011 – but enjoys the fresh perspective being involved with a musician gives her.
Keira mused: “I’m not someone who listens to a lot of music. But I get wonderful perspective by being with someone who is less like me than more like me. The way he thinks is something I don’t get. We come at things from totally different angles.”
The secretive star also revealed she likes to keep some aspects of her life private and is very careful about the way she holds herself in public.
In an interview in the new issue of Marie Claire magazine, she said: “They’re not going to get a shot of me falling out of my knickers as I’m coming out of a club.”

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