‘Komola Rocket’ lands on Netflix, DIFF

Entertainment Desk
Film “Komola Rocket” stars Samia Syed, Joyraj, Sheoti, Dominic Gomez, Bappa Shantanu, Sujat Shimul, Shahidullah Shobuj and Abu Raihan.
It is directed by Noor Imran Mithu and produced by Impress Telefilms. The script is based on two stories -“Moulik” and “Cyprus”- by famous writer Shahaduzzaman.
The director made the film with an intention to shed light on the vanity of class disparity.
People may appear different for their privileges or the lack of it, but everyone is the same when it comes to the fundamentals, like feelings of cold, hunger, smell or sex.
The film was not a crowd pleaser in any way. It ran in five theatres during Eid-ul  Fitr last year. It was screened at Star Cineplex for three weeks, and at Jamuna Blockbuster for four.
“Komola Rocket” can be called middle cinema, a film form that looks to bridge the gap between commercial and art films. Such films do not aim to maximize profits or get awards.
The film received some critical acclaim by being selected and awarded at various prestigious film festivals.
At Jaffna International Film Festival, “Komola Rocket” won Best Debut Film;at International Film Festival of India (Goa), it was in the World Panaroma section; at Mumbai Third Eye Film Festival, it was in the Competition Section; and at Chennai International Film Festival,it competed in the World Panaroma section.
At this year’s Dhaka International Film Festival (DIFF), it is the only Bangladeshi film to be selected for the Asian Film Competition section. The film will soon be shown at Nepal International Film Festival, where it will compete for the top prize.
Even though it was widely acclaimed, “Komola Rocket” lost to Mostofa Sarwar Farooki’s “Doob- No Bed of Roses” in the Oscar race. “Doob” became the official selection from Bangladesh for the Oscars after a very public scrutiny between the two films.
The film was screened on  Friday at  Bangladesh National Museum, Shahbagh, as part of DIFF.
The film is also available for streaming on Netflix. It is the first film from Impress Telefilms to secure a spot on the popular video streaming platform.