Limestone deposit at Naogaon can meet country’s demand

Bangladesh on Thursday announced the discovery of the biggest ever limestone deposit in its northern district of Naogaon, capable of meeting the entire demand of the country’s cement industry.State Minister for Minerals Nasrul Hamid told reporters that the deposit was found across an area of 50 sq km up to a depth of 2,214 feet below the surface at the district’s Badalgachhi Upazila.
“It is enough to meet the entire demand of cement factories in Bangladesh that now import limestone,” he said.
Speaking at an unscheduled media briefing, the minister said much will depend on its commercial viability. “That will be known after a feasibility study.”
He said that a limestone quarry had been discovered in Joypurhat, but back in 1963, it was not commercially viable.
“But now technology has advanced. I have visited the spot (in Joypurhat) and instructed a fresh feasibility study.”
The minister, however, failed to answer a reporters’ query on the amount of limestone being currently imported.
“That’s tough to say,” he admitted.
He said that it would take about two years to complete the feasibility study.
If the outcome is positive, the government will start drilling, added Hamid.