Michael Hussey to retire from int’l cricket

Hobart: Michael Hussey has left the cricket world wondering why he is retiring, rather than why not. In the midst of one of his most productive summers and with his place in the team completely beyond question, Hussey, 37, will end his international career at the conclusion of the Australian summer, meaning the New Year`s Test against Sri Lanka in Sydney will be his last.It was a decision Hussey revealed he had all but made before the season began, and needed only a waning desire for the looming tours of India and England to confirm it. Known universally as “Mr Cricket”, this most intense and diligent Australian batsman could not find his usual enthusiasm for the 2013 schedule, and so will exit the game on top. The hole left by Hussey`s loss to the Australian batting line-up, fielding circle and dressing room is incalculable.
“I`ve known for a while that I probably wanted to finish at the end of the Australian summer,” Hussey told ESPNcricinfo. “I just wanted to see how I felt throughout he summer and my feelings hadn`t really changed. I was looking ahead to the India series and the Ashes and I didn`t have the same excitement or buzz about the challenges ahead.
“So I knew I was making the right decision because I knew my heart wasn`t 100% in spending that amount of time away from home and being excited about the challenges that are going to come forward. Not very many players get to leave on their own terms, so I`m very fortunate in that respect.
“It`s not so much a decision about how I`m playing, I still feel like I`m playing well. But it`s more to do with everything else around the game, time away from home, the constant travel, the constant training, the constant pressures and stresses involved with international cricket as well, that eventually they take their toll on you.”
There was no question about Hussey shelving Twenty20 or ODI matches to prolong his Test career, and in a way this was fitting, for no batsman in the 21st century has achieved such a revered place in all three formats of the game. Starting with the base of a pure technique fostered by opening the batting for Western Australia before he moved down the order, Hussey`s combination of placement, power and matchless running between the wickets made him a man for all situations. He can point proudly to innings as contrasting as his barnstorming 60* to steal a a World Twenty20 semi-final from under Pakistan`s noses in 2010, and his commanding 195 against England in the first Test of an Ashes series later that same year.
“I`d say looks can be deceiving,” Hussey said. “It`s certainly not easy, it`s been very tough. And all three formats are very challenging in their own right. I think it just comes down to pride in your own performance really. I`m very proud to be able to represent Australia, and you want to help Australia win games. Thats what the drive was, no matter what format of the game it was, and so I just wanted to approach every game, no matter what format it was, with that attitude. Wanting to win for Australia.”
(Source: banglanews24.com)

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