Mumbai Chess: GM Ziaur Rahman shares 3rd slot

Dhaka – Bangladeshi GM Ziaur Rahman of Saif SC shared the 3rd slot with seven other players in the IIFL Wealth 4th Mumbai International Grandmaster Chess Tournament securing 4.5 points after the 6th round matches held in Mumbai, India on Friday.FM Mohammad Fahad Rahman, also of Saif SC, earned 4 points. FM Mehdi Hasan Parag of Golden Sporting Club, CM Subrota Biswas of Uttara Central Chess Club and Md Abzid Rahman of Janata Bank Officer Welfare Society collected 2.5 points each.

Nayem Haque of Mir Chess Club bagged 2 points, CM Sohel Chowdhury of Titas Club earned 1.5 points while Sazzad Kishore of Dhaka Knight’s Club and Ali Ahsan Jewel earned one point each.

In the 6th round matches on Friday, GM Zia beat IM Tran Minh Thang of Vietnam, FM Fahad beat Subhayan Kundu of India, FM Parag lost to GM Czebe Attila of Hungary, CM Subrota drew with Tarun Kanyamarala of Ireland, Abzid drew with WIM Mahalakshmi of India, Nayem drew with WGM Safranska Anda of France, CM Sohel drew with Regmi Shikhar of Nepal, Sazzad drew with Laoussing Mathis of France and Jewel lost to Arya Nirag Shah of Hong Kong.

The 7th round matches were in progress on Saturday.Meanwhile, in the junior (under-13) event of the meet, Tahsin Tajwar Zia of Golden Sporting Club earned 5.5 points after 7th round games.

Marzouq Chowdhury and Warsia Khusbu of Elegant International Chess Academy collected 3 points each, Zaif Khandkar of Elegant International Chess Academy earned 2 points each while Syed Ridwan of Elegant International Chess Academy earned 1.5 points after 7th round games.

In the day’s 7th round junior event on Saturday, Tahsin drew with Laddha Shubh Jayesh ofUSA, Marzouq lost to Amrit Raunak of India, Khusbu drew with Om Nilesh Deorukhakar of India, Zaif lost to Verma Vivaan of India and Ridwan lost to Praket Tiwaskar of India. UNB