Of sand of suffering

DHAKA: ‘Antardhan’ or ‘The Disappearance’ tells the audience a story of sands left by the once mighty river Padma and the suffering created for the riverside people.National award-winning filmmaker Syed Ohiduzzaman Diamond’s latest movie shows the aftermath of a barrage built on the upstream of the Padma and its cruel impact on environment and people.
The people, who used to maintain their livelihoods from the river, are now being compelled to change their professions and sell their possessions because of the brutal bites of poverty.
Performed by Ferdous, Nipun, Rekha Chowdhury, Rabiul Alam, Tanay and Wahida Sabrina, ‘Antardhan’ narrates a story of a fisherman family.
It shows that with the passes of time the rivers shrinks and like many other fishermen Moyej becomes unemployed. The family, like many others, passes most of their nights with empty stomach.
By scripting a simple story of the common people by the river, Diamond has shown the courage to be vocal about the disaster caused for the barrage on the Padma.
‘Antardhan’ is a bold presentation of dying Padma, once a mighty river. It is also a vivid presentation of the people’s suffering due to the barrage.
The movie touches the audience, especially the scene which shows the young daughter of Moyej named Nadi breaks a small muddy bar on a tiny channel with her bold kicks during a play with her neighbour Akash on the sands of the river.
The scene inspires the audience to raise an anti-dam or anti-barrage voice.
Diamond, who received the National Film Awards as the ‘Best Director’ and ‘Best Scriptwriter’ for his second film ‘Gangajatra’ in 2009, thinks that ‘Antardhan’ raises a question to the people regarding the rights of water.
His video works uphold the lives of minor ethnic and professional groups, including, Santal, Oraon, Dom, Chamar, weavers, blacksmiths, fishermen, bede and sex-workers.
His debut film ‘Nacholer Rani’ was based on the historic Santal revolution led by Ila Mitra in Nachol.

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