‘Padma Cruise’ launched to boost river tourism

Munshiganj, Jan 22 – ‘Padma Cruise’ was launched on Thursday at Shimulia ferry terminal in Lauhajang to boost river tourism on Padma River.“The government is working towards advancing the country’s river tourism. And Padma Bridge is being recognised as the new hub of tourist attraction and tourism,” State Minister for Civil Aviation and Tourism Mahbub Ali said while Inaugurating ‘Padma Cruise’.
He said the expansion of river tourism is mentioned as a priority in the national tourism development policy.
It can prove to be essential in achieving sustainable tourism development for the country, he said.
Mahbub said Padma Bridge is the epitome of the country’s development capacity and now has become a significant tourist attraction.
Tourism facilities will soon be made available for the tourists, he noted.
The state minister encouraged private stakeholders by mentioning that they play an indispensable part in the growth of the tourism sector and job creation. He said the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism is sincere towards any private project relevant to the development of the tourism sector.
Two packages named ‘Padma Cruise’ will be available for river cruise in Padma. Every day a ‘Day Cruise’ will leave from Mawa ghat at 10am and an evening cruise at 2pm. – UNB