Pakistan batsman Ahmed Shehzad’s ban extended by 6 weeks

Islamabad,(AP/UNB) – The Pakistan Cricket Board extended batsman Ahmed Shehzad’s ban by six weeks on Friday for violating a ruling on his four-month ban.Shehzad’s ban was to end on Nov. 10, but he now will be banned until Dec. 22. The extended ban rules Shehzad out of the forthcoming ODI and test series against New Zealand.
Shehzad was banned in July after he tested positive for a banned substance during a random doping test in Pakistan’s domestic tournament this year. The ban suspended Shehzad from playing cricket at any level, but he violated that clause and represented a local club in friendly matches.
“Had I been aware that this was a violation, I would never have played cricket at any level,” said Shehzad, who has represented Pakistan in 13 test matches, 81 ODIs and 57 Twenty20s.
The PCB didn’t accept Shehzad’s excuse.
“Ahmed Shehzad has been recipient of numerous anti-doping lectures,” PCB chief operating officer Subhan Ahmed said. “This instant decision (of a six-week ban extension) will serve as a constructive lesson not only to Ahmad Shehzad but to other cricketers that strict adherence to applicable rules and regulations is mandatory.”UNB