Petrobangla wants illegal gas lines legalised

State-owned Petrobangla on Tuesday extended the time limit to legalise illegal gas connections up to June 20 from the
existing May 31, and warned the consumers that they will face the music if they fail to do so by the fresh deadline.Petrobangla Chairman Dr Hussain Monsur, who made the announcement at a press conference at Petero Centre, also warned the officials and employees of Titas Gas and other gas distribution companies to refrain from harassing those coming to legalise their illegal
Titas Gas managing director Nowshad Islam, who was also present at the press conference, said his company would start providing
“physical” gas connections soon and if possible within the next week.
“We hope we can start physical connections by next week. We have manpower and equipment shortage. So, it may take time to give
connections to all consumers since we can provide at best 300 connections per day,” he said.
After nearly three years of su spension, the Energy Ministry took a decision on May 7 to provide new gas connections to household
consumers following a Prime Minister’s nod to it. New gas connections to industries were suspended in July 2009 while new household gas connection was suspended in July 2010.
But the High Court recently issued a modified order clearing the path for providing gas connections to different consumers considering
public interest.
Dr Hussain Monsur urged the consumers to declare their illegal connections through prescribed process and take advantage of the
amnesty to avoid any further action.
Under the process, each consumer having double burner has to deposit a total Tk 6,750 (one year bills at a flat rate plus 3 months
equivalent bills as penalty) to the respective gas companies) to legalise the illegal connections.
After the deposit of the money, the consumers will have to pay regular bills from June 1 when his connection gets legality.

A counterpart of the prescribed declaration will remain with the consumers and he has to show it if any mobile court visits the
The Petrobangla chairman said those who were issued demand notes against their deposited payment would get priority in receiving new gas connections.
“We urge the consumers not to pay any extra money to any Titas Gas officials,” he said suggesting that if anybody claims any extra money Petrobangla should be informed about that.
Dr Monsur admitted that his personal application seeking new gas connections remained pending with Titas Gas.
He also announced that he would take action against the former managing director of Titas Gas Company and other officials involved
in providing illegal gas connections to consumers.
“I’ve initiated a move for inquiry and when it is completed, I’ll take action,” he said responding to a question as why he didn’t take
action against them.
Dr Monsur also said he was in favour of providing gas connections to household consumers, but a quarter in the government misled the policymakers to halt the connection.
He said that the total number of illegal gas burners is 57,414 against which Tk 116.86 crore was deposited with the Titas Gas
Company. “But this money is not in the official account as the illegal connection holders paid this money.” (Source: UNB)

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