India may export 50 coaches to Bangladesh

The Indian Rail Coach Factory (RCF) may soon export 50 AC broad-gauge coaches to Bangladesh early next year.Though the formal written order is yet to be received by RCF, talks about the export order are in the final stage, report India media.
A delegation from Bangladesh had visited RCF to look into infrastructure and coach manufacturing capabilities and expressed interest in purchasing 50 AC coaches.
RCF sources said the delegation was highly impressed with the modern infrastructure of RCF adding that the team was particularly interested in the stainless steel welding process, robotics welding process and laser cutting.
A senior officer of RCF, Rajnish Bansal, said that RCF has yet to receive the written export order but talks are almost final.
“We have planned to make 50 AC broad-guage coaches for export to Bangladesh in financial year 2013-14,” he added.
“RCF is focusing on manufacturing more coaches to meet domestic demand, but any export order is prestigious,” he said.
The RCF currently manufactures over 1,600 coaches annually and is one of the largest such manufacturing units in the world. However, the current domestic demand for 5,000 coaches is not being met with the total output of all such manufacturing units in India standing at 3,850.
“RCF is hopeful of getting more export orders in the near future,” said Bansal. UNB

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