“Rosatom” unveils popular booklet on nuclear energy at Ekushey Book Fair

Dhaka – A popular science illustrated booklet with basic facts about atomic energy in Bangla was unveiled by Russian atomic energy corporation Rosatom at Omor Ekushey Book Fair at Bangla Academy. The presentation of the booklet was supported by the Ministry of the Science and Technology, Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission and the Embassy of Russian Federation and Nuclear Energy Information Centre in Dhaka. The booklet became first printed material in Bangla language about nuclear energy available for general population and children.

Philipp Kosov, representative of Rosatom and Arshad Hossain, Director of the Nuclear Energy Information Center and Director General of Bangabandhu Novo Theatre presented some booklets to teachers of some schools of Dhaka for free distribution among their students. The booklets will be available at the Omor Ekushey Book Fair at the Anondo Alo Publications (Stall No. 275) for free distribution among the interested visitors. The rest of the print run of the book will be distributed among students in different schools of Ishwardi area, where Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant will be built.
The booklet contains answers to 30 frequently asked questions about nuclear power, operation of nuclear power station (NPP), its safety and ecological friendliness for population. It contains photographs of NPPs, nuclear fuel and other relevant subjects.
“We are stepping into the future of our country, the world of nuclear energy and we need to educate our people about its latest and safest technologies. This event became first in this direction and it is important, that we addressed not only Dhaka population in our effort, but local community as well”, noted Dr. Md. Shawkat Akbar, Project Director of Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant Project.
The communication strategy addresses needs to inform and educate people of Bangladesh and Rooppur in particular about basics of nuclear energy, its benefits, safety, eco-friendliness and cost effectiveness. It was signed along with action plan for the nuclear infrastructure at the meeting of workgroup of joint coordination committee for implementing Bangladesh nuclear power programme held in Dhaka in January 2015.
The booklet will be available for distribution among the visitors of the Nuclear Energy Information Center at Novo Theatre, Dhaka as well. Nuclear Energy Information Center is important part of the Bangladesh Nuclear power communication programme. It was opened in 2013 and since then attracted over 17,000 children and adults.- Triune press release