Sad plight of expat Bangladeshi at New York hospital

GreenWatch News Desk
A expatriate Bangladesh community leader in New York has written to the City Council there about the plight of a Bangladeshi American who has been subjected to racist treatment by a black nurse of a hospital, and has demanded his proper attention and treatment. Given below is the copy of the letter.Dear Honorable City Council Rory Lanchman
Thanks, For your sincere services which you are providing long times in our community. We are really proud and appreciated. And I would like to you wish a happy Rosh Hashanah.
Last weeks (Mohammad M. Rahman) one of our Bengali Muslim brothers, came to the Queens hospital 9/24 for his pimple surgery. After they completed the surgery and after everything is ok they released him the same day. 24 hours later the hospital called Mohammed and said come to the hospital because they found out Mohammed’s blood is positive for a virus.
He came to the hospital 9/26 around 10:30 AM. They put him on the waiting list in the emergency lobby until 7:30 PM. Around 2 hours later Mohammed said to the nurse he has serious pain in his pimple and can’t wait a long time.
Then one black nurse came and cut his nametag from his hand. Another nurse said the black nurse should not have done this. Then the black nurse complained to the doctor about Mohammed.
The black nurse was so racist. Then Mohammed’s wife said to the other nurse she is not going take him home because his blood is positive for a virus. Then another nurse gave him another nametag in his hand.
Then she took him to the inside of the emergency room and said to wait for the doctor.
During the waiting time Mohammad keeps telling the nurse & doctor his condition is getting worse but they are ignoring his voice. No water, no medicine though Mohammad has blood cholesterol & is diabetic.
After 6 PM Mohammed right’s side is getting numb. Still Mohammed is urging to doctors and saying very soon he is going to die because he is not feeling good and his face is swelling.
Around 9 PM the doctor came and told him his symptoms indicated he had a stroke and they continued to give him an IV. After 11 PM they took him to the room assigned to him on the fourth floor.
This is wrong. Our people should be treated with respect. Measures should be taken in this hospital to see that this never happens again.
In Solidarity
Mazeda A. Uddin
President of SAFEST Org