Sprit of sharing with Amari this Ramadan

Dhaka, May – Amari Dhaka will offer feasts featuring exclusive examples of Arabic Iftar and Suhoor specials at Amaya Food Gallery throughout Ramadan. The dishes are meticulously selected and prepared considering the long fasting days so that they provide
ample nutrition during Iftar and dinner while preserving mouth-watering taste.
In Amaya Food Gallery, there are a collection of fresh seasonal juices with the princely classic almond milk. An exclusive collection of dates & nuts surrounds three different stations: Cold station for seasonal fresh cuts, shwarma station for Arabic shwarma and
condiments and carving station for Lamb Quzi on Arabic rice. The hot area will feature traditionals such as haleem and more exclusive tiger prawns.
Next comes the main food stations with Arabic hot food featuring Samak Kuchbora, Chicken Kabsa and Lebanese Kofta Sania among other attractions. Then there is the Thai station bringing more prominent Phad Thai Chicken, Prawn Fried Rice and Red curry Lamb in the equation. The Japanese station will feature live Sushi and Sashimi while the Chinese station will have Dawwod Basha, Dijaj Salonah and Samak Hara. Last but not least, the Indian station will have regulars such a Kebabs and there will also be six special dishes. All stations will contain huge variety of delicacies to choose from.
To finish off, one must try the fiery barbecue at Thai station for prawns, Baby Sea Bass, Lamb Kofta and Chicken. Additionally, the pastry corner will come in handy with their Turkish baklava, turumba, um-ali, golab jamun, orbat, Amari special kulfi and much more.
This lavish Iftar cum dinner buffet offering is priced at BDT 4000 net. Suhoor buffet is available every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at BDT 2500 NET.
For budget client’s first time ever Cascade lounge is offering an exclusive Iftar followed by dinner mini buffet at BDT 1500 NET only.
Apart from all traditional take away menu price is BDT 2000 net and an exclusive international style take away box is available only at BDT 2200 net. – Press release