Steps inadequate to deal with coronavirus: Dr Kamal

Dhaka, March 23 – Gonoforum on Monday alleged that the government’s steps to tackle the coronavirus situation in the country are very inadequate as it wasted too much of valued time to take preparations to overcome the disaster.
In a statement, party president Dr Kamal Hossain and convener Dr Reza Kibria also said the government now needs to work out careful planning and clear policy to minimise the losses and public sufferings caused by the coronavirus in the coming months and years.“Containing the impact of the coronavirus epidemic in Bangladesh is not a matter of party politics as it’s a matter of national existence. In order to save the lives of people, effective and coordinated policies are needed to be adopted promptly. We must take strict actions by making economic and social sacrifices,” the statement said.
The Gonoforum leaders further said, “The present government has taken very few steps to address the matter (coronavirus), taking much valuable time…failure to effectively keep in quarantine Bangladeshi expatriates who returned home from different coronavirus-hit countries has emerged in the media. As a result of such failure, 63 teachers and researchers of the country in an open letter to the Prime Minister have recommended a possible action plan.”
Describing recommendations given by the 63 noted citizens on March 22 as constructive and thoughtful, they extended their party’s support to those.
The duo said there is a huge difference between the protective measures taken by the Bangladesh government and other countries, including China, Singapore and South Korea, to deal with the risk of the virus.
They also said some countries have taken action plans to combat the coronavirus since January.
“We’ve to be prepared for a long period in which there will be huge losses to lives and disruption in economic activities. “The recovery process from this situation will be lengthy and painful,” the statement added.
They also feared that the global economic recession is likely to be the worst and longest-lasting than any recession in the past century. “This downturn will have an indirect negative impact on the country’s trade and employment, and jobs can significantly be reduced.”
Under the circumstances, they said, several crore people who have no assets and savings will be affected badly. “So, an arrangement has to be made to feed these people for at least a few months to prevent starvation, malnutrition (especially children) and hunger.” – UNB