Tech advance crucial in ensuring nuclear power plant safety

Moscow, December 24 – The key to ensuring the safety of nuclear power plants is the continuous advancement and modernization of nuclear technology, according to Russian expert Dmitry Samokhin, Ph. D, Head of the department- Nuclear Physics and Engineering, Obninsk Institute for Nuclear Power Engineering of National Research Nuclear University МЕРhI.

Addressing a group of journalists from (India/Bangladesh) during an event organized by Rosatom, Mr./Professor Samokhin spoke about nuclear safety and elaborated on why nuclear power plants are considered safe. He listed three fundamental safety features including radioactive materials holding, reactor core cooling and monitoring control of reactivity as critical areas for ensuring the safety of nuclear power plants.
In his presentation, Professor Samokhin outlined preventive and emergency safety strategies for nuclear power plants. He said it was necessary to have modern localizing safety systems at nuclear power plants to prevent or limit the spread of radioactive substances and materials released during times of crisis, if any.
Speaking on the modern generation Russian designed VVER reactor safety systems, he stated that its main feature is a unique combination of active and passive safety systems that provide maximum resilience to external and internal impacts, including tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and air crashes. Another unique feature of the VVER project is core catcher – a special device designed to localize the molten reactor materials in the event of an accident with the core melting and penetration of the reactor vessel. The system of passive heat removal from steam generators is designed to manage and prevent melting of the core during situations like total station blackout or complete loss of feedwater, and to mitigate the consequences of a coolant leak from the primary circuit.
The expert also spoke about the role of Russia in developing nuclear energy around the world. He outlined the containment capabilities of new generation VVER III + reactors and emphasized on enhancing the safety culture in the construction and operation of the nuclear plants. Modernization and continuous technological advances, he said, make nuclear power a reliable energy source for the present and the future. – Press release