Tesla Cybertruck: The Future Of Trucking Looks Good

11 Dec 2019 – There was no significant change in the outlook of pickup trucks for almost a century. The world became bored with nearly similar designed trucks decades after decades. Elon Musk, the visionary CEO of Tesla initiated a new era of electronic pickup trucks through unveiling Tesla Cybertruck on 22nd November, 2019.Headquartered at Palo Alto in California, the American Automotive Company Tesla,inc. always tends to surprise the world with futuristic innovations – most notably all its vehicles run on electricity. Built with cutting-edge technology, Tesla Electric Cybertruck continues the trend of sleek design and top-grade performance from Tesla vehicles, notwithstanding the unfortunate incident at its launch. Let’s dig into what is the specialty of this vehicle.
Key Features of Tesla Cybertruck
The Tesla Cybertruck is a fully electric battery driven vehicle. This commercial vehicle aims to serve as a substitute for the fossil fuel powered pick-up trucks in the United States. Tesla Cybertruck offers a bunch of exclusive features in its three models.
Futuristic Utilitarian Design
Tesla Cybertruck shocks the world with its weirdly smart angular roof design. Its uniform exterior is blessed with elegantly smooth exterior. This vehicle steals the show with its metal built transparent glass. This ultra-hard armor glass includes polymer-layered composite, which makes it tremendously strong.
Besides the smart exterior design, the interior of Cybertruck features a flexible and convenient space design. Six people can sit comfortably inside a Cybertruck. You would love its 17-inch touchscreen controllable by high-end autopilot technology. Tesla Cybertruck also offers room for bonus storage space under the seats of its second row.
Heavy Weight Construction
Don’t misjudge Tesla Cybertruck as a light vehicle due to its smooth looking exterior. Tesla Cybertruck features a heavy-duty chassis called ‘Exoskeleton’. It is built with Ultra-hard Stainless steel containing 30X Cold-Rolled alloy. Tesla applied the same material for building their Rocket. This high-end innovative construction technology makes Cybertruck damage resistant, dent proof, and nearly anti-corrosive.
While staying inside this vehicle, you are safe even if someone shoots you! Cybertruck’s sturdy outer shell is bulletproof which can resist 9mm ammunition. You can narrowly create a dent on its chassis even hitting with a large heavy-duty hammer. This next generation vehicle promises ultimate passenger safety with superb durability. It won’t be hyperbole to say that Cybertruck is the realistic version of fictitious giant vehicles we often see in science fiction movies.
Outstanding Speed & Performance
What makes the Tesla Cybertruck unparalleled is the mind-blowing combination of its speed, distance and performance. After a single recharging session, Tesla’s Single motor Cybertruck RWD can travel 250 plus miles; whereas the Dual Motor RWD can run more than 300 miles. The Cybertruck tri-motor AWD model is the Pro of these three. This vehicle can travel over 500 miles. Tesla Cybertruck runs like a champ not only on paved roads but also on rough terrain.
All the 3 models of Tesla Cybertruck feature an amazing payload – total weight including passenger and cargo – capacity of 35000 pounds. It is no less than a mystery to the whole world that how Cybertruck runs so faster with its heavyweight structure.
Amazing Towing Capacity
Thanks to Tesla for building Cybertruck with greater strength. Cybertruck outperforms the present day pickup trucks with its superb towing capacity. Its three models offer different capacities. Single motor Cybertruck RWD can two up to 7500 pounds. The dual motor Awd is strong enough to pull 10000 pounds of weight.
The tri-motor Cybertruck AWD out wins its counterparts with an amazing towing capacity of 14000 pound weight. Cybertruck’s incredible strength of pulling heavy-weight mass would undoubtedly make it the first sought vehicle by leading industries around the world.
Versatile Storage Capacity
The consumer-friendly design of Tesla Cybertruck offers 100 cubic feet of storage capacity. Its 6.5 feet long storage space looks like a vault. This massive space can be used for storing cybersquad, equipment, toolbox, tire, even a motorbike. Certainly, Cybertruck’s capacious design has raised the style and standard of pickup trucks to a new altitude.
Powerful Electric Vehicle
Are you thinking about how to charge this powerful vehicle? This Cybertruck comes with Tesla 14000+ Supercharger which capable of charging 250+ KW.
What is more? This all electric pick-up truck is equipped with 110-volt and 120-volt on-board power outlets. It’s hard to believe that Tesla Cybertruck itself can serve like a generator at the moment of need.
The chassis also includes air suspension technology coupled with autopilot standard. The on-board air-compressor makes this electric Cybertruck more potent.
On the whole, Tesla Cybertruck is a next generation invention in the realm of pickup trucks. It would take the current trend of light commercial vehicle technology thousand steps ahead. Cybertruck is a more genius vehicle than it is advertised. Tesla’s Cybertruck vehicles will be available on the market within a couple of years.