The five are together in daily soap

For the first time, five TV actors -Tutul, Golam Farida Chhanda, Jyotika Jyoti, Sohan and Romana Swarna – are performing together in a daily soap titled “Ekdin Protidin”, which is being directed by Syed Jamim. Shooting of this daily soap is being held at Shambhuganj in Mymensingh now. Earlier Tutul, Jyoti, Sohan and Romana Swarna performed in daily soap, but Chhanda for the first time is performing in any daily soap.
While sharing her feelings to perform in daily soap Chhanda told this correspondent, “Earlier I got many offers to perform in daily soaps. Due to not choice of the stories and relevant some other issues didn’t encourage me to perform in those daily soaps.
But story of daily soap “Ekdin Protidin” is not only good but also its overall arrangements including set design has inspired me to perform. For this reason, coming from Dhaka to Mymensingh I am not feeling tired rather than enjoying every moment of my shooting works. I am really enjoying my work here now.”
Jyotika Jyoti said, “This time I prefer story and my character in play while performing. Story of this daily soap is really nice. I hope viewers will enjoy the daily soap.”
Although have been performing in many days in TV media, Tutul didn’t come into limelight till now. He is performing in a central role in daily soap “Ekdin Protidin.”
“After many days, I have been performing in my favourable role in this daily soap. Whole unit is being working together in positive sense with having joyful working atmosphere,” said Tutul while shearing his feelings about the daily soap.
On the other hand, Romana Swarna said, “My first performed daily soap was ‘Gulshan Avenue’. After many days daily soap “Ekdin Protidin” is going to be my one of the favourite works.
In this daily soap, I have been performing in role of ‘Ria’, which is very challenging. I am grateful to Jamim bhai to cast me in this daily soap.”
Abbas Ullah Shikder is executive producer of daily soap “Ekdin Protidin,” which is being made under the banner of Ananda Mela Ltd. Shyamal Bhaduri has written story of the daily soap.
“Ekdin Protidin” is being made to broadcast in Asian TV after Eid-ul-Fitr, said Syed Jamim. His other daily soap “Poth Jana Nai” is being aired on Asian TV now.
Besides Chhanda, Jyoti, Tutul, Sohan and Swarna, Abbas Ullah Shikder, Afroza Banu, Ahsan Habib Nasim, Maznun Mizan, among others, have performed in other roles in daily soap “Ekdin Protidin.”
(Source: Agencies)

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