Transport strike halts Faridpur river port activities

Activities at Faridpur river port came to a grinding halt as the district’s truck workers refrained from transporting goods protesting against implementation of the Road Transport Act.The strike has left several thousand porters and labourers at the port without work while causing suffering to passengers and businessmen.
While visiting Faridpur’s C&B Ghat, it was seen that the cargo vessels could not unload goods for the past two days.
“I’ve come to this port with cement three days ago from Narayanganj but couldn’t load the cargo on trucks because of the strike,” said Atiar Hossain, captain of cargo ship MV Water Hen.
“I’m counting losses every day for the holdup,” he added.
Cargo ships loaded with urea fertiliser for the current season are also stuck.
Md Hakim came to Faridpur river port from Chattogram with a cargo of imported urea. He said the fertiliser will be taken to government warehouses from Faridpur river port by truck.
Dealers will then take the fertiliser from those warehouses to various districts of the country. The strike is not allowing that to happen.
Mentioning that they are out of work because of the strike, Faridpur river port workers demanded a quick solution to the problem.
“I cannot transport goods as the trucks are not moving. Every day I have to pay wages to the workers. Many businessmen like me are facing financial loss,” lamented Rezaur Karim, owner of Haji Shipping Lines, reports UNB from Faridpur.